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The Revolutionary Face Travel Pillow inspired by massage chairs.

It allows you to find your perfect sleeping position.

Book size, versatile, adjustable firmness and height, inflatable in just 5 puffs.

Perfect travel companion! Light, foldable, you can use it in any means of transportation.


  • The inflatable travel pillow can be used in a variety of different ways,  including with your face pointed straight down, with your head tilted to the side,  or even with your chin resting on the top.  
  • You can even use it to lean against the window, rest it on your lap, or even rest it on the pullout table in front of you.
  • Quick and Easy to Inflate. Ready to use in 15 seconds.
  • Instant deflating. Ready to fold in 2 seconds.
  • 4 sleep comfort position
  • A perfect gift idea for travel lovers


  • Type: Massage,Therapy,Inflatable
  • Material: PVC Flocking
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Size: 35*30*55CM
  • Color: Grey, Blue, Brown, Black

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NOTE: Due to the very HIGH DEMAND, Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for USA delivery and 3 to 4 weeks for International.



4.8 (On average from total reviews)

What others say about this product:


Megan E. 
I travel a couple of times a year and every time the flight is about 9-10 hours, so I am always looking for ways to stay comfortable. Inflatable U shaped pillows do not work for me at all, U shaped ones with beads work somewhat, but not good enough. I have not tried this pillow on the plane yet, but I hope it will be comfortable. It inflates pretty easily, although it makes a weird sound. Guess it’s the air moving inside? Not too loud. It’s easy to let the air out. The “hole” is hard plastic, instead of the common rubber or whatever. So you don’t need to squeeze it to let the air out, just press the button inside. I am 5’4” and I think if I tried, I could actually fall asleep with the pillow on my lap, instead of a table, so let’s hope it’s even better on the plane itself. Sure, it kind of looks stupid and I usually care about what people think, but when I’m on the cramped plane for 10 hours, I just want to turn off the world, no matter how dumb I look.
Billie W. 
the best travel pillow you never heard of (including myself) until now. I can't believe I don't see more of these around...?
Jean C. 
- awesome carrying case - company was very quick to help with my questions - is a lifesaver on long flights and road trips Only thing I would change is add a few more colors (but that's just me) - other than that it's a phenomenal invention and I bring it everywhere since I have three of them
Robin L. 
I am used with my neck pillow when traveling. A bit skeptical before purchasing this but surprised when I used it. (I haven't used any inflatable travel buddy before.) Well inflating this actually is super easy, when blowing it seals the air very well even when you release your mouth. I wasn't expecting it at all. A slight smell is noted but disappeared after sometime. Not much energy is needed when inflating this. I noticed a bit wheezing sound during the process but Im not bothered with it. I use it to support my head with less curving of my back, making my travel more comfortable. Overall, I am happy and satisfied with my purchase. Recommended for long travel.
This inflatable travel pillow is nice I like it because it has an ergonomic design it's made of soft cover fabric and has a unique style and design it will help you to have a relaxing and comfortable trip in a natural forward position it will also allow you to watch movies or play games on your phone this pillow is easy inflate and deflate it only needs few blows of air it is lightweight and portable it only weighs 0.76 lb with compact carrying bag it will be easy for you to carry it and take it with you anywhere and anytime this pillow has multi use and it is adjustable, different ways to use it you can choose your most comfortable posture making it easier for you to relax and fall asleep I'm glad I bought this item because it is very useful to me specially I always travel many times in a year so far I have no issues about this pillow and I'm happy and satisfied with it
Ted B. 
This goes in my luggage/ bag whenever I travel along with my passport, cash, and credit cards. The carrying case makes it really easy to bring along even if you don't bring a bag to pack it in. I even bring it on short day trips if I'm not driving. You won't regret it especially when you buy it on sale! They have sales all the time just be on the lookout for them and you won't be disappointed.
Glenda J. 
the customer service was fantastic and the product is just as good. I've brought it on 7 trips so far and it still works as good as day 1. It's an absolute when traveling anywhere - you just can't beat it, even on a tight plane ride
Cara L. 
I will not travel anywhere without this pillow! It works everywhere from planes to trains and more. I can't believe that we have to travel anywhere without it. I also love the little carrying case it comes with and it only takes a few seconds to completely blow it up. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillow and I consider it a must-have when traveling anywhere.